End of 2018 Art Adventures

It’s coming to the end of 2018… this is my end of year huge thanks to all the clients and projects I’ve been involved with. There are too many to name but its been a great adventure once again with public art company Wild In Art painting sculptures across the UK and this year I’ve come close to raising 40k for all the partnering charities!

I’ve just done a drawing workshop for a Christmas staff party at Kings College which was great fun and good to be reminded of how fast we can all draw when we play and set our brains free! 

I did a Skype Q & A with students from a school in Martinque as they had been studying one of my London Landscapes as part of their school project! Fun to talk to a class across the ocean about my work!

Finally it was great to work over 2 days at the Longhurst conference to record their event visually onto two huge canvases. See more about my live illustration for events here…

Thanks all, and here’s to more painting and drawing adventures in 2019!