Adult Art Workshops

Creative workshops for staff team building days in London…
Does your organisation or business need a creative boost? Why not hire an artist for the day to help inspire productivity and creative problem solving.

I provide interactive, artistic and inventive drawing-based workshops and days designed to nurture creative thinking and explore ways to generate ideas and encourage team building in a fun, friendly and informal environment. I provide a wide range of group activities, challenges and fun competitions that are inclusive for all abilities.

At the end of the day participants will leave with less inhibitions about making marks, creating pictures, storyboards and diagrams and ways to engage a group in sharing new ideas. I can create bespoke workshops around your ideas and requirements for your organisation. All materials provided, groups can be any size and are tailored to your specific needs. Contact me for further info.


“Jenny Leonard was a 100% suitable match for our major Museum of Happiness event. She has a natural gift for kindly and enthusiastically engaging people in art. Through her gifts of creativity and love of working with others, she created a wonderfully uplifting atmosphere. We were looking for workshop leaders that could take charge of the situation and manage a group of people with confidence and compassion – she did both superbly well. I’d highly recommend Jenny to any organisation that’s seeking a unique and powerful way towards team building, enhancing communication, releasing creativity and trying something new.
– Shamash Alidina, Co-founder Museum of Happiness

“I hired Jenny after reading a proposal for a community arts project she was looking to launch in the local area. After looking through her impressive website we decided not only to back the project but to introduce her to the team on a development and activity day. Jenny ran two workshops with staff members in drawing and painting. The groups were very pleased with the results and the informative tutorials Jenny gave. I would highly recommend Jen as an art workshop leader with people of all ages and abilities as she has a friendly and professional approach. Furthermore her mural work that I have seen locally and on the internet is of a very high standard. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
– Tim Sweeting, Chief Executive, YMCA Norfolk.

“It’s incredibly immersive and gets everyone involved without making you feel embarrassed, even in a room full of strangers. I can imagine this being great with any groups who feel hesitant in front of one another or are worried about looking foolish, such as teenagers or adults who don’t know each other.”
– Marwah El-Murad, Curriculum Associate, The Challenge.

“It was fast-paced so you didn’t really have time to think or dwell on drawings and made it very fun for a novice like myself. I was able to draw creatively without letting thinking get in the way…you don’t need to have any artistic talent to enjoy it or take something away from it.”
– Stephen Piscopo founder of A Vital Good