Live Illustration

I’m available for in person, virtual and hybrid events

I will come to your event in person with my chunky ink pens to cover a huge boards at high speed and bring your conference to life in pictures! I’m based in Manchester but will travel far and wide for work and projects. Watch my short video above or scroll below to see some of my recent work…

I also live scribe for your virtual meetings online via Zoom, Microsoft teams or your preffered platform. Here’s a few examples of how your meeting can be illustrated as summary of images and key quotes.
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I will capture the conversations and draw live with a video rig just filming my hands and paper in front of your audience, helping to keep your content engaging, insightful and highlight any key quotes or feedback. After the meeting I will email you across all of the drawings I’ve made in high res Jpeg format for you to use in your reports, online, and on social media. Clients so far include Google, Tik Tok, BP, Kings University, The NHS, Equinix, Oracle, and Westminster Council. See my recommendations clients here.

Here’s a few reasons people have me come live sketch at their event…

  • A tangible visual result at the end of your conference or meeting – no more boring reports!
  • Capture your conversations live in the room
  • Visually mind map your ideas and future goal setting
  • Tell the story of your company
  • Connect with your clients
  • Create a snapshot to summarise your event
  • Finish with a piece of art on canvas for your walls!

I provide illustrations and visual note taking during meetings, conferences or events using high contrast inks to sketch the journey of the conversation as it happens. Live drawing provides a fresh new way to see your ideas, structure your mission statement or capture your team away days. My work results in a lively cartoon-like sketch including icons, motifs, portraits, quotes and logos to create a piece of artwork live at the discussion. Your audience or participants can request imagery to be added and build the finished piece together as a team or I simply listen in at your event and scribble away!

Turning complicated concepts into visuals that are easy to understand, discuss, share and explain. The piece will be tailored to represent your company culture, style, vision and branding.

  • Prototype new ideas or services for your company
  • Use as a visual evaluation tool
  • Gather customer and client feedback
  • Brainstorm at a staff innovation day
  • Create a visual timeline at your AGM

Live sketching is a great way to engage your audience, share the results with your clients or create a buzz for your guests. Most importantly it helps you to communicate your message and you keep the final outcome to put up at your office. The finished piece can be digitally photographed and used for mouse mats, posters, reports, campaigns, websites or publications. A time-lapse video of the artwork can also be edited for you upon request as seen here…

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