Live Art

Live Sketching for your business or organisation: Hire me for live sketching during meetings, conferences and events for any business or organisation.


Live minute-taking by drawing can help provide a new outlet to voice ideas and structure your mission statement to help guide the direction of your organisation. I provide illustrations and visual note taking during meetings or events using high contrast inks to sketch the journey of the conversation as it happens. This results in a lively cartoon-like sketch including icons, motifs, faces, landscapes and logos to create a piece of artwork live at the discussion.

Live Art London

Live Art Event London Waterloo   


AGM Live minute sketching for aims of year ahead and reflections on last year

During live sketching or painting the audience can request imagery to be added and build the finished piece together as a team.  Turning complicated concepts into visuals that are easy to understand, discuss, share and explain. The piece will be tailored to represent the company culture, style, vision and branding.

Results and Follow up:
Live sketching is a great way to engage your audience, share the results with your clients or perform live for your guests. Most importantly it helps you to communicate your message and you keep the final outcome to put up at your office. The finished piece can be digitally photographed and used for mouse mats, posters, reports, campaigns, websites or publications. Time-lapse videos of the event can also be ordered. Please contact me for further information and rates.