Drawing and illustration online

As you may have seen on my Live Illustration page Due to Covid-19, I am now drawing live on your conference calls and meetings via Zoom, Microsoft teams or Skype. The idea is still the same – only now I capture the key quotes with imagery and draw live with a video rig just filming my hands! The drawing will be created live in front of your audience, helping to keep your content engaging, insightful and highlight any key quotes or feedback. After the meeting I will email you a full colour high res Jpeg image of the finished piece for you to use in your reports, online, and on social media. Here’s some I’ve done in the last 2 months….

Lots of clients have moved their businesses to online and these infographics have been a great way for them to summarise their meetings visually and use as a reflection tool, memory aid and promote their future work and mission.

I can also create these images using your recorded videos from zoom meetings so just get in touch to find out more.